మహా కవి శ్రీ శ్రీ జయంతి.

Srirangam Srinivasarao, popularly known as Sri Sri, needed no introduction in Telugu households until a generation ago. His call to march towards another world’, an egalitarian world free of exploitation and deprivation, inspired young men and women swept by a wave of communism.

మరో ప్రపంచం,
మరో ప్రపంచం పిలిచింది.

పదండి ముందుకు,
పదండి త్రోసుకు
పోదాం పై పైకి

Rejecting the Bhava Kavitha (romanticism) movement in 1930s, progressive Telugu poetry took its definitive form in the hands of Sri Sri. Freeing the language from the pre-existing classicism prevalent in Telugu literature, Sri Sri led the wave of abhyudaya (progressive) poets who wrote about the downtrodden and the working class.

Sri Sri wrote his magnum opus, Maha Prasthanam (The Great Journey), between 1930 and 1940, during what was called the Hungry Thirties, when the Great Depression in America was spreading to other parts of the world except the USSR. While his writing was a reaction to the struggles he saw around him in the society, he identified as a Marxist in his writing and a moderate in politics. Not only was he a revolutionary in his writing about the struggles of the workers and peasants, but he also shook the complacent bourgeois as he freed the language from the shackles of prosodic rules writing “Jayabheri” in 1933.

He declared “నేను సైతం ప్రపంచాగ్నికి సమిధనొక్కటి ఆహుతిచ్చానూ!”

He took to the cause of the class struggle and his writings were deeply charged with social concern.”యేవో, ఏవేవో, ఏవేవో ఘోషలు వినబడుతున్నాయి”, Interestingly, though his poetry gave voice to the nationalist movement in an early Independent India, Sri Sri saw the people’s movement as an international phenomenon as evident from his references to “చీనా లో రిక్షావాలా, చెక్ దేశపు గని పనిమనిషీ ఐర్లాండున ఓడ కళాసీ, అణగారిన ఆర్తులందరూ” in Desa Charitralu.

Sri Sri cautioned that while the ideas of ‘my house and my country’ were fair in developing countries, these ideas should not lead to nonsensical rage where one destroys the neighbor’s house or loots another country.His writings are as relevant and inspirational as they were before.

And here, me, paying the littlest tribute to the man who changed the minds of people towards progressiveness just with his pen.

Love, Madhu🖤

Feminism is not “hating men”.

“I don’t like feminists because they all hate men!” is what I hear often from the many people in my own circle and 64% out of whole Indian men and women think the same on average.

But did you know challenging patriarchy and holding men accountable does not make feminists ‘man-haters’?

Feminism is a movement for equality for all. It seeks to challenge oppressive systems that have created vast inequalities among people based on their identities. These systems that have historically benefitted men from dominating groups are being challenged by feminists on an unprecedented level today. Challenging male privilege should not be misunderstood as ‘man-hating’.

There are many cishet men who are also feminists. They recognise their privileges and strive to achieve gender equality.

You know what they say, “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” While patriarchy generally benefits cishet men, feminism recognises the ways in which it harms them (toxic masculinity) and is committed to challenging those aspects as well. It aims to create a nurturing society, free of oppressive systems, where people of all identities are respected and treated equally.

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Happy World Book Day ❤️

Books are our best friends. Books not only are our friends but also a good philosopher, guide and serve the purpose of a good companion whenever needed. And specially in this time when the whole world is struggling to fight Covid-19 pandemic. All most everyone is utilising this lockdown period in reading books while staying put at home.

As books are our major source of
information, entertainment and comfort
during the coronavirus pandemic-led lockdown, the power of books should be leveraged to combat isolation. Parents should read good books along with their children, this period should be used to inculcate reading habits in children.

World Book and Copyright Day is a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading. Each year, on April 23, celebrations take place all over the world to recognize the scope of books a link between the past and the future, a bridge between generations and across cultures.

On this day the we also remember the world famous author William Shakespeare, who born and died on this day. Other famous authors who died on this day include Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) first decided to celebrate this day as World Book and Copyright Day in the UNESCO’s General conference held in Paris in 1995.

Let’s celebrate the literature everyday, not just one day and let’s try to keep it alive for the coming generations.

Stay Safe.

Love, Madhu🖤

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Life is not a Competition.

Just a gentle reminder in the amidst of the Corona chaos, increasing cases everyday and amount of anxiety it is bringing to all of us, it is also somewhere trying destroy our spirit of life, positive way towards living.

During this, most of us have been comparing ourselves with others and been thinking that they’re making progress in life in during quarentine too, but I’m still in the same place. If you’re putting the efforts to make yourself a better person, even if you haven’t achieved anything yet you’re still not in the same place. You have made progress. Just utilise the time we’re getting now and invest in yourself to make yourself a best version of you. This does not need to be acknowledged by others, you yourself have to see it.

Let go of the mindset that says – Everyone else is doing better than me.

I struggled a lot with this before finally realising that Life is not supposed be a comparison. While social conventions have conditioned us to compare our successes and mask our failures, it’s important to remember life is more than about winning or losing. It’s everything in between as well.

Also, hope you remember that everyone has their own time to be at the places they want to be. And it’s okay to go at your pace. You do you 🙂

Love, Madhu 🖤

Letting go is ain’t that bad.

Gradually, you learn how to let go. Of all the regrets you have. Of all the mistakes you made thinking they were the right choices. Of the people who you wished to hold on to forever. Of your first love. Of the things you did and did not do.

Most of the times we find it difficult to let go of things, but sometimes it is the right thing to do.

it’s hard to let go of something you know might never happen, but it is harder to let go if it is the only thing you ever wanted.

And so am I. Learning to let go, above all, of who I used to be to accept who I am going to be. I messed up a lot. I messed up relationships, friendships, professional things and eventually i
messed up even who i am. But it’s okay. I am not that person anymore, and everyday is another step towards self discovery and love. I am glad I am working towards the things that really matter to me now, and I am happy. I hope you are happy too.

Madhu 🖤

Why ‘feeling’ is not cool anymore?

What concerns me is that as a generation, we romanticise negativities with renewed energy-we romanticise death, loneliness, mental illness and suicide. The only thing we probably don’t like to romanticise is romance itself.

We tone it down, we trivialise romance, we are cynical towards it, we mock love and that scares me so much about the culture we are creating. I feel, as a whole, we need to create a culture that is more loving, more compassionate and more accepting of ‘feeling’ since every millennial I meet reminds me that it has gone out of being cool’.

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Write a letter to your Future self.

Here is what you can do in this extended quarentine to avoid boredom, also to have a look of yourself from your past, and for a memory to your Future self, and a reality check of your today.


This is my letter to my future self.

Dear Madhu,

This is one of those things that reminds you of the things that really matter people you want to be with and the places your heart really wants to be at. You do not know what your future self will become. But you know that no matter what, it will be you. And I am sure, you will become a better version of yourself.

I’m sure you are trying to overcome your body image issues, I’m also sure that we will overcome it, later if not sooner. You’ve done a great job in keeping yourself together, and you will be doing that always. Though I keep questioning my love for yourself, by the end of the day I want just better than now to you, my future self because my love for you is my top priority now, hope you too maintain that.

At this point, you are a future self of your past and I hope that past you is happy/proud/confused to look at you. I know that past me is confused the fuck because so much has happened in last 3 years past me couldn’t even fathom.

You can see that you’ve gone skinny to chubby in these 3 years,You can observe the levels of your confidence has increased, You have questioned people whom you have always wanted to question, alas you couldn’t get the answer but you’ve made the move and that’s what counts, and you’re making sure now that people shall not take your humbleness and modesty for granted and sometimes you may endup hurting others, I’m sure you never do it intentionally, but still it is what it is.But hey, Me. It’s okay. You love yourself. You are free. You are precious. And you’re still messy and clumsy as fuck. You still have no clue about what lies ahead. And most importantly, you sleep well now.

Madhu 🖤

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